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Do you know of sexual abuse within our Church?

Please call the Archdiocese at 685-7305 or 727-7373 if you know of sexual abuse within our Church

The Archdiocese of Agana cares deeply about the protection of minors and all people entrusted to its care. Sexual abuse is a matter of the gravest concern, as Our Lord calls us to protect the most innocent and vulnerable among us – our children. We take the protection of children very seriously.

Deacon Leonard Stohr is the Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator (SARC) for the Church on Guam. Additionally, Sister Dorothy Lettiere, RSM of the Archdiocesan Victims Support Group has been added as a person people may contact, also 24-7.

We encourage all persons who have knowledge of sexual abuse by clergy or others in our Archdiocese, today or in the past, to call the 24-hour hotline numbers: Sister Dorothy at 685-7305 or Deacon Len 727-7373. You may also e-mail Deacon Len at

Our Archdiocese pledges to correct the wrongs and mistakes of the past. We are strengthening our sexual abuse and sexual misconduct policy so that all people – most especially our young and most vulnerable – may be confident of being in a safe environment fully protected from any harm.

Updated: January 19, 2017